Churchwardens, PCC and DCC

Our churchwardens, PCC and DCC members are volunteers who contribute through their discernment and wisdom to ensuring that our church life continues to flourish and that we continue to serve our whole parish. All are elected at the annual meetings that take place in April or May.

Churchwardens (of whom there are two at each church) are elected annually. PCC (Parochial Church Council) and DCC (District Church Council) members are elected to serve for three years. The PCC is a larger body who work with the clergy on all matters of general concern and importance to the parish. The two DCCs consider matters of specific concern to one or other of our churches.

The Diocese of London provides helpful overviews of the roles and responsibilities of churchwardens and PCC members.

Churchwardens at Christ Church

Jonathan and Louisa Price

Churchwardens at St Luke's

Liz Brutus