Annual Report from The Felix Project

The Felix Project are big donors in fresh produce when it comes to our community food bank that runs from the Vestry every Tuesday. Please find their annual report below to see all the work that they carry out! 

In 2023 The Felix Project was able to rescue more food, give out more meals and engage with more volunteers than ever before. Against a hugely challenging backdrop, and thanks to incredible support from the public, grant funders, corporate partners, food suppliers volunteers and others, we rescued 13,394 tonnes of food from 322 different suppliers enabling us to redistribute the equivalent of 32 million meals to you all.

We delivered food to 1,119 community organisations and over 170 schools across covering every London borough. More than half of the food was used to support those living in the top fifth most deprived areas in London. This food had a combined retail value of £52 million and was only able to be rescued and redistributed because of the more than 15,000 volunteers we welcomed who gave up 150,000 hours of their time to help us sort, prepare and deliver the food.

85% of you told us receiving food from Felix enables you to make more of a difference in your community.

Despite these incredible numbers and thanks to your feedback in our first annual impact survey we also know 89% expect to see an increase in demand for food services this year, making our deliveries vital.

It is why we will do all we can to rescue and distribute even more meals.

We know our impact was felt by every organisation we supply to, and in 2024 we hope by using a mixture of innovative approaches and our existing models we can rescue even more fresh and delicious surplus food.

Find out more about The Felix Project’s work stopping waste and fighting hunger in our 2023 Impact Report

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Every day we feed our community and we couldn’t do that without the support of @TheFelixProject.

The charity distributed the equivalent of 32 million meals in 2023 and we see the real difference that has for people in their day to day lives. ‘We are delighted to be part of the Felix family and their fight against food waste and hunger. We look forward to working with them to support people who need it most.’

From The Felix Project