“Praise the Lord!”: Getting the most out of worship

We’ve all been there. In our usual pew one Sunday morning, coming to a part of the service that we’ve heard or said hundreds of times before, and suddenly thinking, 2what does this actually mean?”

In this years Autumn series we explore the contents of our Sunday eucharist, and are delighted to welcome four expert speakers. Come: enjoy a convivial meal, the chance to ask the questions that have always niggled you, and the opportunity to ponder how our worship calls us to be in the Body of Christ together.

Last week we heard an incredible talk from Ramond Mitchell about the liturgy.

Join us on Monday 10th October to hear from Simon Cuff about the eucharist.

Tuesday 18th October – Paula Gooder about the Bible.

Monday 24th October – Jeremy Summerly about music.

Please let the parish office if you’d like to attend a talk to help with catering.